Brand Identity

thanks be to God

There is a quote by Lysa Terkeurst that says, “There is an abundant need for your exact brand of beauty.”

I did a live video in my essential oils Facebook group last week while I was visiting my mom. I was tired and the lighting was dark. My mom is a member of the group. She watches my videos and makes comments like, “You are SO beautiful.” She was in the room when I finished doing my live video and the camera caught her saying, “Great job!” She probably didn’t care about the topic, but she loves me.

Maybe we don’t need our own personal brand of beauty so much as we need a band of beauty. People who cheer us on, say the occasional “Great job!”, and help cultivate the beauty of the savior, Jesus Christ, in our lives.

A friend at work gave me a book for Christmas. It’s been too long since I last read a good book and that is no one’s fault but my own.

“Do you like theology?” She asked with a smile.

A nudge or a yearning sorta moved inside my heart.


Thirty-two years ago I enrolled in a local University to study journalism and Spanish. A month before college my youth pastor asked me, “Have you ever thought about a year of Bible college?” A nudge in my heart. I withdrew my enrollment at the university and immediately enrolled in a year at a tiny campus to better learn Bible and theology. I remember the joy of studying in the campus library on sunny afternoons after morning classes. Thirty-two years ago. It was a kind of a beginning. Perhaps, as a podcast I listened to recently liked to say, “We’ve come back to the beginning”.

My thoughts returned to the present surrounded by computers, office records, staffing needs, technology problems, client calls, and her inquisitive look. I smiled.

“I actually love theology.”

The book my friend gifted me is called Gentle and Lowly – The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers by Dane Ortlund. If you love theology or perhaps are drawn by the idea of the God who has a heart for us sinners and sufferers, I highly recommend the book. I’ve read two chapters over Christmas weekend. I can’t wait to read more.

The last week of December has arrived. My thoughts this week will be on “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift.” I was gifted ten days of The Quiet Collection for Christmas by Emily P. Freeman. Each day the audio ended with the words, “Thanks be to God.” I made a wooden sign to remind myself of the kind encouragement my heart felt while listening to her quiet collection of words.

What is nudging your heart this week?

What may be your new beginning?

Here are two new signs I created for my shop, called The Savvy Rose. One sign is to remember those we love who may no longer be with us. The other is a sign about how good it is to be home. I enjoy creating. Do you?