Chalk Couture

Chalk Couture is all about easy high-end diy home décor!

My family gifted me a Silhouette cutting machine for my birthday in 2018 and I spent months (yes, months) learning how to cut vinyl and make some very simple (like, I cringe now at the pictures of my first event!) designs and pictures. Eventually I was able to make some nice signs for my youngest daughter’s wedding in 2019. A few months later in the Fall, I saw a lady on Instagram making these incredible, beautiful, perfect signs and designs on chalk and wood and even on fabric and tshirts! I dove in with Chalk Couture and have not looked back since.

Love to craft? I can help!

Love to do workshops and teach others how to craft? I can help!

Love to make DIY creations to resell on Etsy, Facebook marketplace, Gab, or in your own vendor space or shop? Oh yes, I can help!

I offer tremendous training through our team. I offer support for you whether you want to craft or build a team or both.

Watch the video below and then let me know whether you’re a Crafter, Creator, or Business Builder:

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