Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here! This site is designed to cultivate things I love that have helped me in my walk as a believer, as a woman, as a wife, mom, and grandmom. I hope you find something that encourages you on your personal journey.

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I’m a wife, mom, grandmom, and believer in Hope. I love nature photography, reading, walks in the woods, learning wellness strategies to help my body continue to heal as a colon cancer survivor, writing, and making DIY projects to sell in my shop. I use Chalk Couture and IkonArt to create to my heart’s content. Love to craft and want to learn more? Contact me or Join My Team today. Interested in wellness support option using essential oils? Visit my educational website Here.

I’m an office manager by day working with a phenomenal team of people. My days include human resources, bookkeeping, customer service, essential oils consultations, some marketing and IT work, billing and insurance, and all facets of managing a busy professional office.

My greatest joy? Definitely my family. The next greatest gift is probably being able to use the mysterious gift of music as a part of the worship in our local church. A good cup of herbal tea or coffee with a cozy fire on wintry nights is right up on the list, too. Thanks for taking time to stop by!


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