Essential Oils

What Are Essential Oils and How Can They Help You?

There was a time (about 43 years of time) that I didn’t care about essential oils. I mean, I dove into juicing and raw foods after cancer returned, along with a second round of more modified chemo and radiation, so why would I need or care about oils?

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I actually took a few essential oils with me to New York City when I was there for a month of cancer treatment. The oils were rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon, and cinnamon. I knew they could help support wellness and I declined the flu shot (much to the chagrin of my oncologist – flu was raging through the city). I think because I juiced and did a raw foods eating plan for three months before I decided to do more treatment help my body deal with viruses. I never got sick and to be honest I don’t think I opened those oils.

About four years later my sister invited me to an oils class. I rolled my eyes but decided to go to support her. That day my wellness strategies changed to include the plant based power of essential oils from Young Living. When I saw “Joy”, it spoke peace to the trauma I’d come through from cancer treatment. When I realized “Progessence Plus” could help support hormones, even though chemo and radiation put me into menopause a few years before, I was intrigued. I haven’t looked back and I won’t go without essential oils as a part of my personal wellness support plan. I love them!

Why would I care about oils as a cancer survivor?

The benefits of essential oils are staggering! 

They are created from plants. But before I get into more details about what they are, I thought you’d like to know some of the ways people are using them to improve their lives.

Some help support healthy gallbladder and liver function

Some provide a relaxing and calming aroma when you need it

Some help you wind down at bedtime

Some support healthy weight management

Some support a healthy immune system.

Some support a healthy digesting system.

Ready to learn more? Read More by visiting my oils website. It is loaded with information and toxin free, powerful, beautiful, empowering wellness products. I also offer nutritional scans to help discern which oils and supplements may best support an individual’s wellness support goals.

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Essential oils are aromatic, highly concentrated plant extracts that are carefully obtained from the plant.

Oils get harvested from farm-grown or wild-crafted plants, herbs, and trees. With this process, the oils inside a plant get extracted into a highly concentrated and beneficial form.

We’re lucky that Young Living’s oils get carefully extracted through steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing.